Monday, December 7, 2009

9 minutes in Tiger's shoes, w/ Holly Sampson

Hey everyone,
Its been a while since I've last posted, but recently with the news scandal of Tiger Woods cheating on his wife Elin, it got me thinking- you know it sucks to be Elin and I'm sure shes a good human being and all that, but emaciated supermodels tend to be like chiuauas, theyre tiny fragile and frankly not all that womanly. Temptation is a fickle bitch, but sometimes a man has to get his nut, and if his wife is not satisfying him sexually, well thats where the problems start.

Anyway to the point, Holly Sampson, aka Nicolette Foster, is the porn star and one of the nine woman that Tiger allegedly slept with. Shes a MILF in most new porns, and recently burst back into the hardcore scene after years in softcore and non-hardcore fetish movies. Here is a blowjob video of her, and gives us an idea of Tiger's view on things.

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  1. Only some dick sucking?! Needless to say, I need more to nut.

    In other news, go Tiger!